As the leading specialist in Shantala baby massage for the state of Florida, we aim to empower families 

through the art of touch. Through educational classes at home, we teach a massage practice designed for

infants, toddlers, and kids that benefit the whole family. Our gentle practice helps your baby learn to

sleep through the night, assists with bonding, prevents cramps and constipation, and much more!

We will work according to you and your baby's needs, around your schedule, and provide you 

with a program to help improve quality of life for the whole family!

Our Services

Private Course

We will meet you in the comfort of your home, and after understand a little bit more about your routine and needs, we will introduce you to the technique. Includes a booklet and an oil sample!

Group Course

For our group course, we can meet anywhere! Gather your friends and come together learn how to love even more your babies! It also includes the booklet and a coffee break!

Online Course

Are we far away from you? No problem! To reach all the babies, we developed a program to teach you the practice online! Contact us to know how you and your baby can benefit from this! 

"As a mom, 4 times over it was so exciting to learn new ways to soothe a baby and ways to connect with our babies. Babi is so sweet and talented! I wish all mommies could meet with Babi after delivering a baby! Our babies loved the massage, after delivering twins 2 months premature, it seemed like an extension of what I would have liked to learn from the physical therapist at the hospital."

-Araceli P. Thiele